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"Come faeries, take me out of this dull world,
for I would ride with you upon the wind and,
dance upon the mountains like a flame."

Argea, the Fateful Faery
In twilight by the river's edge waits the faery queen of fate, Argea. Ancient Irish bards believed riverbanks were scared places of revelation; it was there that eisce (wisdom, inspiration, and divination) could be gained. Between the flow of water and the fixed element of earth, the numinous Argea reveals what has gone before... and what will be. Your fate is in her hands.

Spring, or Primrose, Faery
Primroses are among the first spring flowers, and so this faery leads us into the year as she leads us into Faeryland. Touching the right rock with a primrose is one method of opening the door to Faery. The Irish say that looking over the dlowers in a certain way can make the invisible visible, and faeries can be seen. This frail, sweet flower faery is a messenger from the Faery Queen herself, summoning you to Faeryland. She crouches poised to spring into your heart, your dreams, and your imagination.

Faery Waters of Wisdom.
From the hands of the White Lady of the Faery Well pour the wise waters of Faeryland, sweeter than the finest human wine, smelling of honey and sun baked earth. Faery spirits have always been associated with wells and springs, mediating in the healing of properties of water and bringing hidden natural knowledge of the earth to light. As we rinse our eyes in this faery well, we open up the eyes of the soul to see clearly and Clairvoyantly into other levels of consciousness. The bright Queen invites us to drink deeply of the water Faery, as wisdom flows from the depths of the earth through the White Lady's nurturing hands.

Water Fay

Fays are the guardians of nature secrets and other hidden knowledge. They rise from the murky depths of water to inspire, enchant, and guide us in the ways of the Faery Wueen. As the spirits of waterfalls and springs, they pour out healing water to refresh us, body and spirit. Water is the source of our existence, nurtured as we were in our mothers amniotic fluid. The faeries gift of pure water is thus a potent one, cleansing and purifying the soul. It is the gift of life. The water this faery holds out to you contains the gift of fertility. It may induce fecundity of the spirit rather than of the body, a fecundity of creative inspiration and new ideas.

The Faery Godmother

The Faery Godmother is the faery who brings her special gifts to the newborn. The godmothers ancestors are the Celtic Triple Matres, or Mothers who watch over special places such as wells, prings, and the home, and over the course of our lives and the Greek Fates, the three women who spin measure, and cut the thread of man's destiny. Leaving us, this godmother transforms herself into an owl, a bird of wisdom and farsightedness. When times are dark, she will fly back again to be the good mother each of us needs, nurturing our spiritual well being.

The Faery of Pure Joy

This luminous creature is the best loved faery in all FearyLand.

Friendship Faeries
Faeries take particular joy in human children. It is said that when a baby laughs, the fairies dance, Each child has a faery companion, guarding him or her and watching over his or her growth. Some children acknowledge these faeries and speak openly of their "invisible friends" .but whether or not children are aware of their particular faeries, to faeries remain close by to secretly help them through the difficulties of life. These faeries also help young children to make and maintain friendships, and aid in all acts of mutual support.

The Faery Who Was Kissed by the Pixies

Perched upon her enchanted faeru stool, this faery shines with her own inner light while surrounded by saucy pixies and other tricksy creatures. She laughs with the joy that a pixie kiss brings. The pixies say there cannot be too much kissing! A faery kiss is a blessing indeed.

Guardian of the Sword
Wood faeries titter nervously. Salom hatted pixies laugh out loud. The lake faery Lucina waits by the silver light of the moon, She is guardian of the magic sword forged by the great. Wayland himself. He also forged her mystic mask out of the worlds four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) melded with pure moonlight, the fifth element of Faery. Lucina wears the white tunic of purity, the blue cloak of spiritual aspiration, and the silver mask of the moon's intuition as she holds the sword of spiritual power. Lake fairies hide this magic sword in their underwater sanctuaries, holding them in readiness for those who may prove worthly.

The Frog Queen

There in the inner realm of Faery, this Frog Queen is surrounded by earthy and watery companions: this little impulses of our nature, and one little whim that needs to be pampered. Pignut the pixie laughs and says "She hasn't even got her croak to keep her warm" The others groan and roll their eyes while the Frog Queen smiles her secret smile.

Bright Shadow

This radiant being fights the street shadows of drugs and menacing violence, illuminating dark alleways with the light of her companion. She is a stalwart companion in moments of crisis or physical danger.

The Rainbow Faery

Guarded by her gnome king, Irish the Faery Queen offers her rainbow magic to pixie archers. She appears in the middle of dark storms to give us hope- reminding us that hope can soar as far as the pixies rainbow tipped arrows.