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There is a long tradition in myth and legend of these diminutive enchanting spirits throughout Europe and the Middle East, although they figure less in other countries of the world. The Fairies may vary in their apparel and abodes, but in general they resemble in tiny humans and are usually described as beautiful. They may be divided into two groups: Trooping Fairies, who have communities, kingdoms, and monarchies in the same fashion as humans (e.g., Robin Goodfellow and Fairy Godmothers).

While most Fairies have a benign approach to human beings they have a tricky and unreliable character and are more likely to bring about magical mischief than to benefit any mortal. Indeed, they may kidnap a thriving human child and replace it with their own weakling, known as changeling. However, where the poor, deprived, or unfortunate are concerned, Fairies seem to offer genuine, though often partially successful, supernatural intervention.

This may take form of money made from toadstools and coaches made from pumpkins, which unfortunately for the beneficiary usually resume their original state.

There is a further subdivision of the Fairies according to their character. The Seelie Court are those who are generally engaged in their own society, existing relatively peacefully within the human world and enjoying feasting hunting and dancing in the earth's rural idyll. The Unseelie Court, however, comprises those malignant spirits whose purpose is the destruction of humans at every opportunity. These are generally of ugly appearance, existing in the wilderness areas and places associated with bloodshed.

Basic Description

male or female
are immortal beings
can become invisible
use trickery
possess gold
enjoy music and dancing
often enchant humans
live off of fruit alone (no meat eating or cannibalistic fae)
some have wings and can fly
can raise magic mists
are agile
wear green clothes to camoulflage better
posses powers of magic and enchantment
can live in or on hills, in trees, on flowers, or in the water
are able to shape-shift
steal little babies and replace them with changelings
battle insects and reptiles for kicks