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~~~ Fairy Dreams ~~~

I snuggle up my pillow,
In my warm and fluffy bed,
And mummy gets a storybook,
And this is what she read;

The fairy folk from fairyland,
Are coming into town.
So you must hurry, and get dressed
In your finest gown.
And wear your hair like fairies do,
And put slippers on your feet,
You must look nice, you really must,
If a fairy you should meet.

Mommy says the fairy queen
Is the prettiest of all,
And her husband prince, the prince of elves,
Is so handsome and so tall.

I wish I were a fairy queen,
Just like that story book,
And have a gown of finest silk,
How beautiful I would look.
With wings of lightest gossamer
And a wand of pure gold
And slippers made from softest down
To keep me from the cold.
And I would marry a handsome prince
On the very first of June
And we'd marry in the forest glen
Beneath the silvery moon.

Mummy says its time for sleep,
Time to go to slumber land.
She pulls my blankies to my head,
To wait for, the sandman's sand.

When I close my eyes to sleep,
All magick comes about.
I see fairies, elves and pixies too,
And this is what they shout.
"Come with us sweet pretty thing,
And see our magick land,
Come with us and have some fun,
Come let us take your hand."
The pixies pull me giggling,
Across the fields we race,
Through the trees, down to the glen
To the fairies magick place.

There are little houses everywhere,
And toadstools all in rings,
And lanterns hanging in the trees
They are the most amazing things.
And there are little shops and markets
To buy their fairy cakes and bread,
There are magick spells and potions,
And rings, to wear upon their head.
And there's bluebells and there's freesia's
With colours of every hue,
And dandelion and catnip,
To make their magick brew.

But, I had better leave they tell me,
Because the moon is going down,
And if the sun comes up too fast,
I'll have to stay in fairy town.
I'm too big to be a fairy,
And I have no fairy wings.
And I only know one fairy song,
That the elves taught me to sing.
Oh! The fairy town is fading,
Right before my eyes,
And all I hear is the muffled sound,
Of the elves and pixies cries.

I hear the voice of mommy,
As she rouses me from sleep,
And the dreams I had of fairy town,
I will forever keep.

~~~ Looking for Fairy's ~~~

We went looking for some fairies
'Cos we really wasn't sure,
If fairy's they were real
'Cos we'd not seen one before.

So, we started looking in our garden
Under trees and leaves and such,
We just had to find a fairy
Before, it was time for lunch.

Mother said that there were fairies
'Cos she'd seen them there herself,
And she'd seen them in the kitchen
Sitting on a shelf.

But we couldn't find a fairy,
And we looked most everywhere,
And if fairy's were for real
We'd see one sitting there.

And we've be so very quiet
Just as quiet as a mouse,
Looking for those fairy's
That live around our house.

My sister was more patient,
More than I have ever been,
She would see the fairy's first,
If, there was any to be seen.

"Can you see it?" She said,
In a whisper soft and low,
"There it is, look,
There it goes."

"No!" I said so startled
"I can't see it anywhere,
And I really don't believe you,
And I really just don't care."

"Shhhh, be quiet," she said, "Or
You won't see it at all,
It's a fairy, it is,
Look, it really is so small."

"I still can't see it, silly,
You're making those things up."
And then, I saw it sitting there
On a yellow butter-cup.

We whispered to that fairy
And asked her if she'd stay,
She said, "Of course my children
I'd, never go away."

"I saw you looking for me
And you got so very near,
And you looked so sad and wishful,
So I suddenly appeared."

She told us all of fairy-land
And of the fairy games they play,
Then she promised, really promised,
To come back another day.

So, if you ever look for fairy's,
Don't go looking on your own,
'Cos if you see one who'll believe you
Or, they'll leave you all alone.

~~~ Rainbows ~~~

The rain has stopped its falling as the clouds they move away,
And the stillness and the sweetness floats gently on the day.
Then, without a sound or warning, a rainbow comes our way
And we wish a wish within our hearts, that rainbow it will stay.

Because that rainbow it is magick with the hues within its fold,
And it leads us to our happiness, with the thoughts of pots of gold.
Those pots they come from stories from the days that are so old,
From the leprechauns and fairy's, those stories have been told.

They say, a rainbow comes from kisses, when the clouds they kiss the ground,
And they appear out of no-where, and they never make a sound,
And if you ever get to see one, be sure to look around,
For you can be sure there always is, a gold pot to be found.

But, gold is not the only thing that's held within that pot,
There's magick and there's wishes there, tied in that rainbow's knot.
And if you wish upon that rainbow, with everything you've got,
Then the wishes that you wish for, will come from that very spot.

To see the rainbow's colours, one should always understand,
That the colours in the rainbow have been painted all by hand.
They paint from top to bottom, from the sky down to the land,
And every colour you can name, is in that rainbow's band.

The leprechauns and fairy's, they work from day to night,
To mix that rainbow's paint together, to get the colours right.
And if you close your eyes and wish, and wish with all your might,
You may see a leprechaun or fairy, painting rainbows in their flight.

~~~There Is This Little Fairy~~~

There is this little fairy that lives in our backyard,
And every night I see her…which isn't very hard.
'Cos, she's dancing on a moonbeam, when the moon is full,
On the mushrooms and the mosses and the big and small toadstools.

And her fairy friends they joined her in her fairy ring,
Then they dance around in circles and have fairy songs to sing.
They see me for a moment and, they quickly run away,
But I stop and held my breath real tight, then they all come back again.

There are pixies and there's goblins and elves and others too,
And there's butterflies and glow-worms all of different shades of hue.
And tiny mice to ride on and centipedes as well,
I was so excited; by they're magick fairy spell.

The fairies asked me to join in with their fairy friends,
And dance with them and sing their songs at a moonbeams end.
But I said that I was frighten, because I was too tall,
So the fairy waved her magick wand and made me very small.

I was the size of pixies and of elves and goblins too,
And I wore these funny coloured clothes and funny buckled shoes.
And I danced around the fairy ring and sang the fairy songs,
And rode on mice and butterflies all the whole night long.

Then they stopped to have some supper that was laid out on the ground,
There was catnip tea and lollypops and fairy cakes abound.
That night went on for ever, for ever it did seem,
Or! Was I in bed sound asleep and it really was a dream?

~~~The Last Fairy~~~

The Last Fairy
With moonlight eyes
She sits and cries
Tears falling to an autumn leaf
Curled in her wings
She sits and sings
Winter songs fill the air
Because we didn't believe
She's the one left to grieve
Her comfort is never near
So before she moves on
Be the first to right our wrong
Say - I believe in Fairies

~~~The Fairy~~~

Come hither my sparrows
My little arrows
If a tear or a smile
Will a man beguile
If an amorous delay
Clouds a sunshiny day
If the step of a foot
Smites the heart to its root
Tis the marriage ring
Makes each fairy a king

So a fairy sung
From the leaves I sprung
He leapd from the spray
To flee away
But in my hat caught
He soon shall be taught
Let him laugh let him cry
He's my butterfly
For I've pulld out the Sting
Of the marriage ring.